Forage & Feast: That’s the goal

I have a very simple goal: to forage my way to good eats. I have collected stories, recipes, and some failures to bring you this blog.


I follow the seasons, so you will get the foraging tips as I am foraging. During the winter, I will give you my favorite family stories, winter salves and tinctures, and prep work for spring. During the spring, it is all about jellies, jams, and spring flowers. Summer is filled with gardening tips, sunscreen DIYs and seasonal fruit recipes. Fall is all about foraging from trees, getting prepped for winter, and MEAD.


Join me with your questions, curiosity and tips. We will try our best to do our best, but some times we screw up and there is a better way. Let us know when that happens!!!


E. K. Sehr


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