Spring Preparations : Where, When, How

Recently I taught a basic foraging class (if you attended, thank you so much) and there were a lot of questions I had never thought about. So here I will share with you the questions and my answers to springtime foraging.

Question: When do you start preparing for spring foraging?
Answer: Groundhog’s day. 

Question: Why?
Answer: February still gives me enough time (1 month) before I start really foraging. So I have time to review my notes from last year and map out my sites for this year.

Question: How does one prepare?
Answer: I take really good notes the last season, so I review those for the best areas.
Then I map out which areas I will go back to and areas I want to explore. And I make sure I have enough bags, boxes and space for my upcoming haul! I usually have to clean my drying racks and make some small repairs to my bags.

Question: What if I am foraging for the first time?
Answer: Ask around! There are plenty of foragers out there, you just need to talk with them.

Question: How do I find someone?
Answer: Honestly, Facebook is a great place. And your local farmers market or Co-Op. And anyone can come follow me around! Ha, ha!

Question: What is the easiest spring plant to forage?
Answer: Garlic Mustard. It’s a terrible invasive, and it’s everywhere in the Midwest. So you will get a plant that tastes lovely and you are doing ecological good!

Question: What can I do with Garlic Mustard?
Answer: I only use the leaves and dispose of the roots. I use it instead of parsley on chicken or garlic mustard pesto. I have even been known to put it in a salad for a little pizzazz.


Next week, I will share with you my garlic mustard identification tools and pesto recipe. And we will talk about how it is basically Satan’s favorite plant. 


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