So glad you landed here. Okay, a few thingsĀ before you read my blog posts:

  1. I do believe in punctuation, but I do also believe in using it incorrectly because it is fun. Going rogue is great.
  2. I enjoy crafting and cooking, but I do not always do it right and that is OK.
  3. I am primarily a plant person, but I also like harassing wildlife so snakes may be involved in my posts.
  4. I love lists, but have a hard time being organized.
  5. This blog is filled with my family history, my adventures, and even some recipes but be prepared for other topics as well {like knitting}.
  6. I love plants, but I kill them for a living.
  7. I am one big dichotomy, but I am okay with that.
  8. I encourage you to comment and share, but if you are going to be mean = GET OUT.
  9. I am so glad you are here, but…well, there isn’t a but.


E. K. Sehr



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